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New Women Article...

"Boys Meets Girl, Girl Pays Boy £240"

"What Kind of Women Gives a Man Cash to Take Them Out? And is Sex Included? New Woman Sent Writer Danny Bourne Undercover to Find Out."

As i paid for the meal with the money she´d given me, I couldn't help but smile. A beautiful woman had just spent four hours, at £50 an hour, for the pleasure of my company over a meal in chic Soho brasserie. Then, outside, she said: "keep the change." As she walked away i was surprised to find myself feeling slightly used. Then i fingered the £240 in my pocket and grinned. My first date as a male escort was over.

When i heard about the recent boom in the male escort business, i was curious. Men are signing in their thousands. But what kind of women are booking them and what exactly do they expect for their cash? Is "male escort" just another term for "male hooker"? Or is it an innocent rent-a-boyfriend service or singles in need of some arm candy for the night? In search of answers i found myself logging on to Platinum Select, an escort service. I clicked on the "become an escort" button - I was going undercover.My biggest fear was how a 5ft 7inch 30- something Mr Average would measure up against the chiseled good looks of Platinum Select's finest. I needn't have worried. Browsing through the site i found escorts come in all ages, shapes and sizes. I scanned the price list: £50, an hour £1,250 for a weekend and £2,250 for a week. Plus a client pays all costs.For £49.99 Platinum Select would host my details for a year. Subscribers would call me direct and the dates are arranged strictly between myself and the client. Calling myself "Jay", I filled out the online form with my vital statistics and interests (Pop music, film and TV) and emailed it back with a photo.

A few hours later, I logged on again and there I was.´'Less then a week later, I got my first client. Amy wanted to book for the following evening. "We'll be going out for dinner so wear a suit and tie," she said. She named a time and a restaurant: "I'll need you for four hours," she added. "And, just so you know, they'll be no sex involved." Well, that cleared that up. The next evening i was outside the restaurant, nervously adjusting my tie, when a pretty, petite blonde arrived. Se introduced herself as Amy and handed me a bunch of cash - my fee, plus enough to cover the meal.As we sat down, I couldn't help wondering why someone so gorgeous needed to pay for male company. I almost choked on my fusili when she said she was a lap dancer. "Men pay for me to dance for them, why shouldn't I pay for men to dine with me?" she explained. "The men I meet through work aren't the sort I'd want to socialise with, so when I want to go out for dinner, no strings attached, I book an escort. "Amazingly, conversation flowed easily for four hours. When she got up to leave, she said she'd call again. I hoped so, £240 for fours hours with a pretty blonde was my kind of work.´

'The next week after my date with Amy, I got a call from Jayne. She needed a "boyfriend" to accompany her to a black-tie do and picked me because I looked normal. She gave me details of where to meet her later and I was picked up by an attractive dark-haired woman in a BMW, given £200, and driven to a posh hotel for the party. On the way, we worked out our story: I was an old school friend and we'd met up again a few weeks earlier. Luckily, i avoided any awkward questions from Jayne's friends all night.´ The evening ended well and was another Platinum Select success. The demand for male companions is largely down to young women like Jayne. There is a new generation of career girls who have the money, motives and confidence to use an escort. They can't find a decent man so they turn to escort services. Plus escort adverts have spread from adult magazines to mainstream media so the stigma is disappearing. The net also allows women to browse and contact escorts at a safe distance.

I decided to go on another date. Zoe sounded much more nervous then any of my previous dates. She'd just finished a long term relationship and wanted some male company over dinner.

Zoe was slim, in her late thirties, with shoulder length her. She seemed embarrassed and there were awkward silences. After dinner, I walked her home and gave her a head and shoulder massage. As I did so, she kept starting to say something , then stopping and I think she was about to enquire about extras. If I'd fancied her maybe I'd have hung around. As it was, I just felt rather sorry for her so I left, feeling somehow like I'd taken advantage.None of my dates have yet to call again, but I could hardly complain: after a few nights work i had three dates, over £800 cash, two dinners and a night on vintage champagne. For now, I have decided to leave my details on Platinum Select web site. So, if anyone's interested I'm free most Tuesday´s.......'

"New Woman´s Beth Gibbon road tests an escort for the night.
For strictly professional reasons, of course."
Walking through Soho, London I´m on my way to meet Edwin, my "date" for this evening. When I arrive at the pub, I spot him straight away: he is 6ft something and a model. Apparently, I'm his first client but he does not seem nervous. I'm the one gulping down my pint as we start on the small talk. Edwin´s been traveling for the past five years and arrived in London two months ago. He saw an ad for Escorts and thought it would be a fun way to earn some cash.

He is careful not to ask me any personal questions. He is smart, funny and good company. All of which makes me feel even more tragic. I tell him I decided to book an Escort after reading about them in a magazine. He acts as if it's the most natural thing in the world, bless him.Edwin turns out to be a charming and entertaining date. If all Escorts are like him, I can understand why women are paying out.

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