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Escort Agency Information - FAQ's

Your Escorting Questions - Answered...
Read these Frequently asked Questions or call our Escort information line for all your answers for Escort employment and escort jobs. Alternately, you can call our information line...
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Frequently Asked Questions...

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Open Your Mind

The Escorting industry is booming at the moment and is now completely acceptable within our society. There are literally thousands of people demanding professional Escorts every day - and why not?

With more equal and liberated times we have seen a dramatic increase in career minded men and women who need a professional Escort to fulfil many social demands.

Note - Previously there was more demand for women escorts over gent escorts BUT the new modern attitude towards escorting has resulted in a dramatic rise in the number of women requiring male escorts.

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What can I expect as a professional Escort?
As a Social Escort, you will be expected to accompany Clients to a variety of functions, from dinner dates to an evening at the races; from parties to the theatre; from an Opera to a quiet night out.

You will also have the opportunity to travel extensively (optional) as we offer worldwide service. This can mean anything from a weekend in Paris to a month in a 5 Star resort in the Caribbean - all paid. A question that we get asked a lot is "Am i expected to have sex with the clients?" The answer is simple - you ARE NOT expected to have sex with the clients. You can clearly indicate what services you provide on your portfolio!

Note - You will be getting paid for providing a professional escort service and if you decide to provide additional services then you decide what you will charge. REMEMBER we don't take a cut of what you earn or decide what you do!
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What kind of people make good Escorts?

We are currently looking for all types of men and women, from all types of backgrounds,and from all over the UK, Europe and the World.

Looks and age are not as important as you might think and one Client“s needs will differ to the next, looking for different qualities in their ideal companion.

Like anything really, the secret is not what your background is or where your are from, but how much you want to succeed.

If you can say yes to the following then the chances are you will be perfect.

Are you sociable and friendly?
Do you like having fun?
Do you feel comfortable in new places?

Note - We did a survey and our Clients/members rated social and fun loving escorts above good looks.

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What experience do I need?
The simple answer is that you do not need any previous Escorting experience. Escorts that are new to the business choose Platinum Select because of the support and service we provide.

Once you join as an escort you will receive complete guidance on how to conduct yourself with clients. We also provide tips and advice as well as do's and don't's.

As already mentioned - the successful Escort does not need to be a model or have film star looks - not at all! In fact, most of our Clients are looking for regular people with whom they can feel comfortable and relaxed.

Note - To improve our service and help our escorts we have recruited former escorts to be a part of our backup team. We have also recruited one of our Escorts, Angelina, to help with any additional support you may need and offer any advice she can.
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I am already an Independent Escort...
If you are already an independent escort then signing up to Platinum Select will increase the amount of work that you currently get. You can also list your web site address.
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How often will I work?
Most of our Escorts operate on a part-time basis as the majority of appointments are in the evening or at weekends.

As already mentioned if you are sociable and fun loving then this is a great way to earn a lot of money whilst enjoying yourself at someone else“s expense - but at the end of the day, you decide how much you work.

We have the most aggressive advertising campaign in the industry so you can be assured of maximum exposure to maximize your Escorting opportunities.

Note - We have been operating an Escort service since 1998 and as such have a thousands of Clients that regularly use our Escorts. By signing up to Platinum Select you will be getting unparalleled Client exposure meaning - plenty of work for you if you want it.
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How will the client select me?
Once we have your details on our database your own personal portfolio will be created. See the portfolio examples. Clients will then be able to view your portfolio which they will use to select/contact you.

Note - We also have a new Escort Review System where Members can review and rate Escorts that they have met, so the better the escort is, the higher they will be rated and the more Clients they will receive.
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Why do we charge Clients/Members to join? - IMPORTANT

We operate primarily to protect you so we request members register their details and pay a small joining fee via a credit card before they can receive escort contact details. The reason we charge a fee is so that we know our members are serious in making a booking and they will always turn up and not waste your time. Also as our members have to be strictly over 18 years of age, a credit card transaction confirms this and is extra security for us AND YOU.

Can you imagine getting a booking from a client that is underage?

Also if clients joins on a membership basis then they are going to use our escorts on a regular basis which means regular clients - THIS IS THE BEST TYPE OF WORK.

Note - Don't be fooled by other companies that don't take payment from members as their Escorts receive a lot of prank calls and are frequently let down.

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How are appointments arranged?
There are two ways in which notification will take place.

1. The Client will call you directly using the contact number/email you have given us.
2. Via Platinum Select using the contact number/email you have given us.

For option 1 you will talk to the clients directly and discuss any escort requirement and if you are happy to meet the client.

In both instances, as much notice will be given as possible. Most Escorts operate from mobile phones, but they are not essential and you can always be assured of full discretion and confidentiality.

Note - You can always say yes or no to any proposed meeting as the most important factor is that you feel comfortable and safe.

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How much will I earn?
You decide how much money you are going to charge the clients and we break it down into an hourly rate. We give you full support and advice on what to charge once you sign up as an escort.

Note - The client is expected to pay any additional expenses such as theatre tickets, taxis, meals, hotels, drinks, etc.
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How will I be paid?

The Client will make all payments in cash in full to you on the same evening of the appointment. We recommend that you ask for the payment in cash at the start of the appointment.

The Client will also pay for the any additional expenses (i.e. theatre tickets, meals, taxis, hotels, drinks etc).

Note - We have no direct involvement with this payment process.

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How much does it cost?
Once you have created your portfolio the cost to make your profile active so it can be used by members are as follows;

Standard Prices
Weekly Package - £4.99 per week
Monthly Package - £14.99 (£3.74 per week)
3 Month Package - £34.99 (£2.91 per week)
Gold Prices
Weekly Gold Package - £7.99 per week
Monthly Gold Package - £19.99 (£4.99 per week)
3 Month Gold Package - £49.99 (£3.74 per week)

Note - Payment is on-line using either a credit or debit card, alternatively you can send payment by post. Once you have registered your account and password will go live.
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Gold Portfolio ScreenshotPortfolio
Your portfolio contains all the information that a Client will use to select you, including your photographs.

Your Portfolio can be updated as many times as you want on-line by accessing your own Escort management section and entering your username and password. You can also update your portfolio by calling us, sending an email or via post.

IMPORTANT - We let you add more than one photograph and give you space to describe yourself and services in detail.

Note -
When you sign up you will also have access to additional info on Escorting, pricing, and advice on how to conduct yourself.
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Check your Portfolio Stats
This is a service that we provide so that our Escorts can see how many times their portfolios have been looked at. This is very clever way to manage your infoamtion that you are displaying and how effective it is in terms of converting escorting jobs.

There are two statistics that you will see;

Portfolio Overview - this is when you have matched a clients search requirements and your portfolio overview has been shown - This is your Alias, your first photograph and where you are from.
Detailed Views - this is when a client has looked at your portfolio in detail.

Note - Keeping an eye on this service allows you to adapt your portfolio so that you can get the most amount of work from it.
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070 Private Escort telephone numbers
Get your own private Escorting only telephone number. Purchase an 070 telephone number at a special discounted rate from Platinum Select of £12.49 - ( Usually £24.99) today and make sure that the Escorting number that you give out is now for Escorting contacts only. This number will be diverted to any number of your choice entitling you to have security and privacy without giving out your private telephone number. Click here for more info.
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Confidentiality & Online Security

This is a private and exclusive introductions service that takes confidentiality seriously, both for you the Escort and the Client.
We have the most up to date security methods ensuring you have a confident online customer experience. We integrate with Secpay and our online payment process is seamless and secure. Secpay is a Verisign trusted (SSL security) company.
When you register you can take an Alias/nick name to hide your true identity.
Discrete billing - Platinum Select is the name that appears on your bank statement.
We are fully covered by The Data Protection Act (Registration No. X4002905) which means 100% discretion.
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Summary - So why choose Platinum Select Escorting?
If you are a first time Escort or an experienced independent Escort then you need a company that gives you full support. It is a fact that most Escorts are new to the business and choose Platinum Select because of the service we offer.
We have the most aggressive advertising campaign in the industry Where we advertise.
IMPORTANT - We have been operating an Escort service since 1998 and as such have a thousands of Clients that regularly use our Escorts. By signing up to Platinum Select you will be getting the maximum Client exposure meaning - plenty of work for you if you want it.
We make it easy for you to cancel your membership - if you decide that you no longer wish to do it.
Members have to pay a small membership fee before they can see your details which mean that you only get serious clients with serious money and don't get prank calls or get let down on bookings.
You are in effect self employed and no one tells you what to do and when to work and you keep all the cash!
We give you Escorting advice and security tips - NEW - We also have an Escort Forum that allows you to chat with other Escorts and receive the most up to date security alerts.
We get about 25% new Escorts through 'word of mouth' each month meaning that Escorts are telling other escorts that it WORKS!

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